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About US

Saint Bernard’s Church

Branch 390

The Italian Catholic Federation is a family oriented, fraternal organization open to all Catholics. There are branches in California, Arizona, Nevada and Illinois.

Our branch was chartered July 12, 1986. Currently we have over 150 members. We hold monthly dinner meetings, with the proceeds going to support the following:

  • College Scholarships
  • ICF National Charities:    Cooley’s Anemia Research  &  Gifts of Love
  • Bishop’s Seminary Training
  • St. Bernard’s Church:   Building Fund  &  Ministry of Caring

By attending our monthly dinners, you will help provide funds for these worthwhile causes.

Our Story

Our Branch Officers (2024)

President                                                    Anita Ridolfi                                                 (209)836-3779

1st Vice President                                    Joe Bacchetti                                                  (209) 481-74272

2nd Vice President                                   Art Dykzuel                                                     (209)603-6645

Recording Secretary                                Suanne Dykzuel                                             (209)815-1205

Financial Secretary                                   Annette Elissagaray                                       (209)832-3252

Treasurer                                                  Serena Martocchio                                         (209)832-9544

Correspondence  Secretary                     Betty Hollars                                                   (209)814-3114

Orator                                                       Betty Hollars                                                   (209)814-3114

Sentinel                                                    Chuck Tuso                                                    (209)479-5952

Trustee                                                     Alena Chappell                                               (209)604-3458

Trustee                                                     Maryiln Tuso                                                   (209)479-2834

Trustee                                                    Gary Del Carlo                                                 (209)835+2872

Heritage Chair                                         Stephen Ridolfi                                                (209)914-3857

Anita Ridolfi/President

She has been President before and has decide that since it will be our 100th year celebration, she want to help as much as she can.

Joe Bacchetti/1st Vice President

He is in line to be our next president and also a great bartender helping us stay happy. Ready to take over for Anita.

Art Dykzuel 2nd Vice President

He and his wife Suzanne have alway volunteered since joining our branch. They are a great asset to our board.

Meet the Rest of the Team

We work hard together to make a better organization!

Annette Elissagaray is one of the hardest working officers we have. She is in charge of our membership and scholarship program. She also does the purchasing of the items we need to put on our dinner everymonth, besides keeping us organized.

Serena Martocchio is our treasure. She one of the peope at the door who takes your money for our dinner/meeting. she keeps our books in order so we know how much we can donate to the various charities we support.

Betty Hollars does all of our correspondance with the Bollettino and the St. Bernard’s newsletter letting people know about when the next dinner/meeting will take place.

Lucy Orsi, says our prays before dinner and ofter our meeting, She is a big help in the kitchen, Slicing the desserts or making sure the food get out to be served.

Deacon Pete Ryza is branch chaplin; He give us our spiritual guidance for our branch.

Suzanne Dykzuel is one of our Trustee. Her and her husband Art are always helping with the dinners by selling raffle and drink tickets or in the kitchen.

Alena Chappell is one of our Trustees. She is usually at the door selling raffle tickets or drink tickets. She also helps with the raffle.

Gary Del Carlo is one of our newest Trustee. Every month he insures that our books are correct and in order.

Charles Tuso is our Sentinal. He greets you at every dinner/meeting and helps you find a place to sit. If you get our of hand, he will remove you.