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About Us


Saint Bernard’s Church

Branch 390

The Italian Catholic Federation is a family oriented, fraternal organization open to all Catholics. There are branches in California, Arizona, Nevada and Illinois.

Our branch was chartered July 12, 1986. Currently we have over 170 members. We hold monthly dinner meetings, with the proceeds going to support many charitable organizations. The church is located at 163 W. Eaton Ave here in Tracy, California


Our Branch Officers (2018)

President                                                    Anita Ridolfi                                              (209)836-3779

1st Vice President                                     Charles Tuso                                            (209)836-3779

2nd Vice President                                    Nancy Schlemmer                                    (209)923-4520

Recording Secretary                                  Luci Orsi                                                    (209)836-5142

Financial Secretary                                    Annette Elissagaray                                 (209)832-3252

Treasurer                                                Serena Martocchio                                      (209)832-9544

Correspondence  Secretary                       Betty Hollars                                            (209)814-3114

Orator                                                        Joe Schlemmer                                        (209)923-4520

Sentinel                                                     Stephen Ridolfi                                        (209)914-3857

Trustee                                                      Art Dykzeul                                            (209)603-6645

Trustee                                                   Marilyn Tuso                                               (209)832-2946

Trustee                                                   Mary Gualco                                              (209)835-8200

Heritage Chair                                       Stephen Ridolfi                                           (209)914-3857


Meet the Team

We work hard together to make a better organization



Anita Ridolfi

This is Anita’s first year as President of our branch and we are excited to see what changes she will bring.


1st Vice President

 Charles Tuso


Chuck is new to our board, but he is a charter member. He has always been there to help wherever he could. We hope Chuck will bring us new exciting ideas.


2nd Vice President


Nancy Schlemmer      

This is Nancy’s 2nd year as 2nd Vice President and is always there to help!


 The rest of the team


Next Steps…

I you want to become a member please contact on of our branch officers.

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