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Trivia Question Answers

December 3032 and January 2022

December 2021 Questions:

1. Christmas in Italy is celebrated differently than here in the United States. When does the Christmas season start and end for Italy? Who brings the gifts to the children and what day does it happen?

The Christmas season lasts for 3 weeks in Italy. It goes from December 17 to January 6. During this time children go from home to home reciting Christmas poems and singing. In Italy, children wait until January 6, Epiphany to open their presents. The children’s presents are delivered by Befana, a kind ugly witch who rides on a broomstick. Panettone is a traditional cake filled with candied fruit that is very popular during the holiday season. Manger scenes and Christmas carols originated in Italy. Christmas day is reserved for church, family, and feasting. Sheppard’s come into the town and go house-to-house playing bagpipes and singing carols.

2. What is the main type food consumed in Italy on Christmas Eve?

Catholic tradition prohibits the consumption of meat on the evenings before religious holidays. Most Italians, therefore, eat a fishy feast on Christmas Eve, one so abundant that the lack of animal flesh is hardly noticed. If you go to a fishmonger on the morning of the 24th in any Italian city, you’ll see hundreds of plastic bags on ice, each one with someone’s surname on the outside and a dozen species of fish on the inside.The emphasis is on freshness and variety, both of seafood type and cooking method, and of course, it varies by region. One might begin with a frittura di pesce (fried fish), which could include calamari, baby octopus or a paranza (mixed tiny fish). In the north of Italy, you’ll definitely find baccalà (salt cod), and further south, capitone (eel)Then, of course, there’s pasta. Linguine with lobster, spaghetti with clams, paccheri ai frutti di mare (short pasta with mixed seafood)…you name it. Whole roasted fish with potatoes as a secondo, and then Christmas cookies before the midnight mass.

3. How do you say “Merry Christmas Happy & New Years” in Italians”

“Boun Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo”

4. What is the traditional color of underwear Italians wear on New Year’s Day, for good luck?