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Trivia Question Answers

Answers to February 2023 Trivia Questions

1. William Shakespeare wrote 38 plays: how many of them were set in Italy?

c. 13 **

2. What country does not border Italy?

d. Romania **

3. How long would a flight from NYC airport take to Italy’s capital city?

b. 8 hrs. **

4. Florence Nightingale was born in Italy on 12 May: of what year?

a. 1820**

5. Which world-famous astronomer was sentenced to life in prison, in 1633, for opposing the Churches teachings with scientific fact?

d. Galileo **

Answers to January Trivia Questions

1. How many branch officers’ postions are there in our ICF Branch?

a. 5

b. 7

c. 10

d. 13 **

2. Who is the Grand President of Italian Catholic Federation? a. Denise Antonowicz

b. Joe Curtis

c. Debra Rodondi **

d. Franklin Lopes

3. How do you say, “Hello” in Italian?

a. Ciao

b. Buongiorno

c. Salve

d. All the above **

4. What are the Italians new year’s good luck dinner?

a. Pizzelle’s

b. Pork & Lentils **

c. Spaghetti & Meatballs

d. Cannoli’s

5. What is the favorite lucky tradition Italians do at New Years?

a. Go for a swim

b. Meet friends at a plaza for New Year’s Eve.

c. Wear red underwear **

d. Throw old things out the window.