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Trivia Question Answers

Answers to May 2024 Trivia Questions

  1. Who were the two men who started the Italian Catholic Federation?
    b. Rev. Albert R. Bandini & Luigi Providenza
  2. Which state has the furthest eastern ICF branch?
    c. Illinois
  3. How many locations are holding the 100-year Gala?
    c. Three
  4. Who was branch 390’s first president?
    a. Paula Re

Answers to March 2024 Trivia Questions

  • 1. How do you say, “Happy Easter” in Italian?
    d. Buona Pasqua
  • 2. There is an Easter Bunny in Italy.
    True or False
  • 3. What does the traditional Easter cake “Colomba di Pasqua” mean in English?
    a. Easter Dove
  • 4. What does the Easter egg symbolize in Italy?
    a. Rebirth and Renewal
  • 5. When is “Pasquetta” (Little Easter) in Italy?
    c. Monday following Easter

Answers to February 2024 Trivia Questions

1. What nationality was St. Patrick?


 2. What region does this flag represent?


3. To an Irish Catholic what does the shamrock represent?

 Father, Son, & Holy Spirit

4. Where in Italy does St. Joseph’s Day have its roots?


5. What does “IGNEM VENI MITTER” on the ICF Flag”

I came to light a fire.

Answers to January 2023 Trivia Questions

  1. Do Italians celebrate Valentine’s Day?

True or False?

2. Who conceived Valentine’s Day?

  1. Latins
  2. Romans
  3. Samnites
  4. Etruscans

3. San Valentino (St. Valentine) was from what city?

  1. Venice
  2. Varona
  3. Rome
  4. Terni                 

4. What city paints a giant red heart in the middle of the historic Piazza dei Signori to celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. Venice
  2. Varona
  3. Milan
  4. Terni

5. Which Pope created the festival of St. Valentine’s Day?

  • Pope Celestine I
  • Pope Felix III
  • Pope Leo I
  • Pope Benedict IX

Answers to November 2023 Trivia Questions

  1. Do you have to be Catholic to join ICF?
  2. How many officers are in a ICF Tracy branch?
    c. Twelve
  3. How many consecutive years can a branch
    president hold?
    c. Three years
  4. How many trustees must you have in each branch?
    a. One
  5. Who is our Financial Secretary?
    d. Annette Elissagaray