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Trivia Question Answers

Answers to November 2023 Trivia Questions

  1. Do you have to be Catholic to join ICF?
  2. How many officers are in a ICF Tracy branch?
    c. Twelve
  3. How many consecutive years can a branch
    president hold?
    c. Three years
  4. How many trustees must you have in each branch?
    a. One
  5. Who is our Financial Secretary?
    d. Annette Elissagaray

Answers to October 2023 Trivia Questions

1. What is the Italian word for “Trick or Treat”?

a. dolcetto-scherzetto

      2. Do Italian Children “Trick or Treat”?


      3.What two towns go all out for Halloween in Italy besides Rome & Venice?

      b. Lake Garda

      c. Borgo a Mozzano

      4. What American Halloween tradition Italians usually don’t do?

      a. Bobbing for apples

      Answers to September 2023 Trivia Question

      1. What is the favorite color Italians wear during winter?
        b. White
      2. Italians like to wear what type of clothing during winter?
        a. Jeans and Sweaters
      3. On Saints Day (Nov 1st), what is the tradition Italians do?
        c. Put flowers on the graves of family members.
      4. What physical greeting do Italians give when meeting friends and family?
        c. Kiss each other on the cheek.
      5. Where is the warmest city in Italy in winter?
        d. Syracose

      Answers to June 2023 Trivia Questions


      1.The Italians immigrated started arriving in America in 1820, by 1920 how many Italians have arrived?

      d. 4,000,000 **

      2. What was the name of the first immigration center?

      c. Castle Garden **

      3. What tests did the Immigrates have to pass to enter America?

      a. Knox Cube Imitation Test (a test that measures short-term memory and attention span)

      b. Seguin Form Board (primarily used to assess visuo-motor skills)

      c. Feature Profile Test (feeblemindedness)

      d. All the above **

      4. What were the reasons for Italians to come to America?

      a. Escape poverty, diseases, and starvation

      b. Political unrest, violence and social unrest

      c. Work to send money home.

      d. All of the above **

      5. In the early 1900’s many Italians were force in a labor system called “Patrone”, in America, a form of labor, where wages and working conditions, and food supplies were controlled by a manager with no set laws in New Jersey. When was this system eradicated?

      d. Middle 20th Century **

      6. Where was the largest immigration of Italians?

      a. Brazil and Argentina **

      7. Crime came with the Italians, where did the Mafia (Black Hand) originate?

      b. Sicily **

      8. What is required to immigrate to the America now?

      a. Valid Passport, Financial Support, & Medical Exam

      b. Petition (sponsor} & Consular Interview at home Embassy

      c. English Language Proficiency & Clean Criminal Record

      d. All the above **

      9.What is the cost to receive a green card for America?

      d. $1200 to $8000 **

      Answers to May 2023 Trivia Questions

      1. How do you say, Happy Mother’s Day in Italian?

      c. Buona Fest Della Mamma

      2. What day is Mother’s Day celebrated in Italy?

      c. May 14th

      3. How do you say Happy Father’s Day in Italian?

      b. Buona Fest Del Papa

      4. When is FAther’s Day celebrated in Italy?

      a. March 19th

      5. What else os celebrated on Father’s Day in Italy?

      d. St. Joseph’s Day

      Answers to March 2023 Trivia Questions

      1. What percentage of Italian identify as Christians?

      c. 80% **

      2. Italian is the closest national language to what? c. Latin**

      3. 14 Billion, what are consumed annually in Italy?

      b. Espresso’s **

      4. There are 2 Italian words for “Yes” can you name them”

      a. Si & Certo **

      5. What is Italy’s largerest island in theTyrrhenian Sea?

      d. Elba **

      Answers to February 2023 Trivia Questions

      1. William Shakespeare wrote 38 plays: how many of them were set in Italy?

      c. 13 **

      2. What country does not border Italy?

      d. Romania **

      3. How long would a flight from NYC airport take to Italy’s capital city?

      b. 8 hrs. **

      4. Florence Nightingale was born in Italy on 12 May: of what year?

      a. 1820**

      5. Which world-famous astronomer was sentenced to life in prison, in 1633, for opposing the Churches teachings with scientific fact?

      d. Galileo **